Flash of The Spirit Worldwide Music Fest 2018 – Tropicalia



Multiflora Productions’ Flash of the Spirt festival presents an epic global music showcase featuring Orquesta el Macabeo from Puerto Rico with the the Zhou Family Band from the Anhui Province in China!

The Zhou family have been musicians for seven generations, and are bearers of a tradition that represents the very best of Chinese folk music – Bolin Laba, a national intangible cultural heritage of China as declared by UNESCO. Zhou Family Band performs in China at weddings, funerals, and rituals of worship to their ancestors and welcoming deities. They play suona shawm, sheng mouth organ, dizi flute, Chinese drums and cymbals, kaxi (a combination of voice and blown instrument playing by the same musician to imitate opera singing), and often blend theatrical stunts and music, which makes their performance more exciting and sometimes humorous.

Puerto Rican punk musicians turned hardcore salsa masters, Orquesta el Macabeo, have hit a nerve within their community, connecting an old-school sound and message with a modern edge. Their music is gritty, and more socially conscious than many other groups out there. In the face of recent hurricane destruction of their home island, their music is also the soundtrack of the resilience of a people, rebuilding and staying strong in the face of adversity.

Doors 7:30PM
Zhou Family Band 8PM
Orquesta el Macabeo 9:15PM