Orquesta el Macabeo its a breakthrough on the “Salda Gorda”, a genre inside tropical music. With a peculiar sound and style these “puertorican pranksters” have impacted scenes around the world such as: NYC, CHI, BCN, CDMX, Wa, Va and Toulouse, France. Their sound reminisces taht of the glorious 60′ and 70’s NYC salsa scene and appeals to a young, vibrant and hip generation. Their stage pressence makes for a unique experiencein which they become one with the audience inviting them to be part of the “familia macabiónica”.

Formed in 2008, with 11 years playing all over the world, four full lenght studio albums and various miscellaneous releases in vinyl and CD, their plan is to revindicate the true heavy heavy sound of the “Salsa Gorda” with its sound and lyrics that tell stories about real life with which anyone can relate.