Orquesta el Macabeo at State House – New Haven

Orquesta el Macabeo make their much anticipated return to the Elm City, but this time we are in the State House where we belong!

Shaki Presents

Monday October 8 at State House in New Haven

Orquesta el Macabeo (PUERTO RICO)




All Ages


From the bio: One of the great sensations of the current Puerto Rican salsa scene, Orquesta el Macabeo recovers the island’s salsa tradition to update it with new ideas and the energy of its eleven musicians, with backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae.

Formed in 2008, with almost 10 years playing all over the world, they present us with their 4th studio album: La Maldicion del timbal or “The curse of the timbal”. Their plan: revindicate the true heavy heavy sound of the “Salsa Gorda” with its sound and lyrics that tell stories about real life with which anyone can relate.


“When I first heard Orquesta el Macabeo live in 2013, I was transported to a place that lived more in my imagination than anywhere else. I had seen documentaries about the birth of salsa in New York City and enjoyed every gritty, grainy frame. These films hinted at what it must have been like when these brash young upstarts first rose from the streets of the Bronx and Spanish Harlem. Listening to Orquesta el Macabeo, however, made me feel like I was there. I was blown away. This was a far cry from your average ‘salsa night’ in a club.”-Don Macica. Aguzate


“La Maldición del Timbal is a fountain of music. Listen to it outside, where it can flow through the streets and lap at the feet of everyone around you. Listen to it in spacious rooms and let it fill them as you dance, alone or with high-spirited friends. Let it move your whole body.”-ADRIANE PONTECORVO, Pop Matters